Make a Difference While You Drive

Make a Difference While You Drive

maaCars are indeed true wonders of engineering. However, with more vehicles on the roads now than ever before, it is important that each of us is aware of its impacts on our environment. Whether you own or rent a car, whether you have a standard or luxury car, there are things you can do to save money and reduce energy use, CO2 emissions and pollution.

If you care about a eco-friendly drive too, you’ll be pleased to hear there are a few simple ways you can make a difference.

• Slow down gradually: Slowing down gradually at Traffic Lights is better for the environment as it reduces fuel consumption.

• Drive at a consistent speed: Accelerating and breaking hard will cut the efficiency of your drive by around 33%. That’s because sudden stopping and starting requires more energy. Try and maintain a regular speed to get the most out of your fuel.

• Use cruise control: Using cruise control on flat terrain provides a 7% fuel saving on an average because it helps you maintain a steady speed. Avoid it on hilly roads though as this will cause your engine to speed up and slow down.

• Service your car: Ensuring your fuel system is working properly and your tires are inflated and balanced to manufacturers’ specifications can ensure fuel efficiency.

• Switching off the extras: Air conditioning and heaters require huge amount of power, which will cut your fuel economy. That said, driving with the windows open creates drag, so you need to find a balance to maintain a comfy temperature within your car.

• Change gears at lower revs: Over-revving wastes lots of fuel. If you change up a little earlier this will reduce your revs. If you’re driving a diesel car, we suggest you aim to up-shift a gear when the rev counter reaches 2000 rpm. For petrol cars, we suggest 2500 rpm.

• Plan your trip: The more direct your route and the less time you spend slowing down to figure out which way to go, the more efficient your drive will be.

• Shut down: Switch off the engine if you think you will be stationary for more than two minutes.

• Lose the weight: Extra weight means extra fuel, so if there’s unnecessary baggage in the boot you don’t need on the journey, take it out and store it at home.

These few simple little changes to your car and driving techniques can be followed on both owned and rented cars.This would further help you save not just the environment but your money too.

Go Green and Make a difference to our environment!

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