Mercedes AMG C43 SEDAN- Luxury At Its Best

Mercedes AMG C43 SEDAN- Luxury At Its Best

mercedes-amg-c43-sedan-luxury-at-its-bestIt’s the Mercedes AMG C43 Sedan on the row to make the debut, which will soon take away your breath. Like any other model of Mercedes, this particular model is very special due to a various numbers of factors.

You will be totally amazed the type of technology that is used for making the car a high success. This model will be launched soon and Mercedes lovers are eagerly waiting for this model.

The engine specifications, technology, safety, design, color and other features together makes the model a perfect successful model on the road.


The overall design of the Mercedes AMG C43 is superb along with its special kind of color.  The car is available in brilliant blue metallic, selenite grey metallic, diamond silver metallic and many more. The metallic touch that is given to the car will amaze your eyes. AMG monoblock wheels add more beauty to the exterior look of the car.

The black color accents provided to the outer finishing is a perfect idea that is practically implemented. The stylish cabin of the car is yet another attraction of the car.  Ash wood color finishing is provided to the front cabin.

 The menu near the driver is provided with race timer option.  Brushed types of aluminum pedals are also one of the special attractions. All the seats are specially covered with perfect leather and fine stitched with perfect vibrant stitches.

Red seat belts on the seat are of great use. Panorama roof options on the car are another best feature. Power steering wheel will enhance the performance.


The Mercedes AMG C43 brings you all latest kind of comfort without fail. It contains automatic mode for climate control. You can simply engage the car app by using the mbrace mobile app and control all of the features present in the car.

The car is boasted with keyless start control. Multicolor ambient lighting inside the car will also please to the best.


The powerful engine of Mercedes AMG C43is a 3.0L V6 2 turbo engine that will easily produce power of around 362 hp. The car can accelerate and reach 100km/hr within 4.6 sec. there are much more in the car to experience.  Safety is a major attribute that will enhance the safety of the riders.

The car is provided with collision prevention facility that assures maximum safety of the riders. Day time running lamps are also of great use. Rear view camera of the car helps the driver to see the exact show behind the car.  Around 9 air bags are integrated into the car for proper safety.

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